Best in Show Photography is a specialty arm of David Veit Photography that specializes in conformation dog show photography. Since first shooting the Silver Bay show in 2009 I completed an apprenticeship with Rich Bergman and now serve as an official show photographer for several kennel clubs and specialty shows including my own club,  Bahia Sur KC, Del Sur Kennel Club, Boston Terrier Club of America, Great Dane Club of Southern California, The Irish Wolfhound Association of the West Coast, et al. I regularly freelance ringside at Silver Bay Kennel Club, Cabrillo Kennel Club and other shows. 

Strong technical photography ability and an artistic sensibility people seem to appreciate hallmark my work. A strong understanding of canine anatomy allows me to showcase these magnificent animals by highlighting strengths and minimizing flaws. In addition to win photos, I am also accustomed to freelancing ringside. I make head studies, side gait movement action shots, stacked dog being evaluated and other creative candid photos while the dog is IN the ring. I'm the first show photographer to offer my work for sale exclusively online.

I am always friendly and approachable, polite and kind. To everyone. Always.

I'm actively seeking new assignments and happy to travel to serve your club! Please call (858) 256-0707 right away to secure my availability! I'm also available for other canine events like agility, dock diving, lure coursing, hunt/field work and more. 

The following gallery contains a few samples of my work in the ring.