Photos: Mal Owenby Model: "Georgia"

Photos: Mal Owenby
Model: "Georgia"


Whether your session is your dog's portrait session, your new head shot for Facebook, Tinder and LinkedIn, a big family gathering or an intimate one, this is the fun part, where the magic happens. The phone is off, the gear comes out, I go "into the zone" and we get down to brass tacks. You can sit back and watch (or smile if you're in the photos), help me with pet wrangling or just tell everyone what to do (everyone except me, of course)! 

Every session is different. Every session has a challenge and I'll give it all my creative energy. This is a lot of fun for your pet, too!

Nothing pleases me more than witnessing emotional tears from a client when I've delighted them. Yep, I might make you cry real tears of joy (waterworks subject to availability).

Sessions are a very special time to create awesome art featuring your beloved subject(s). To ensure every session is my very best work, I can only perform a limited number of sessions weekly, so it's important to get yourself on my schedule right away. That's YOUR job. There's a handy little blue "Book Now" button below and to the right. It's smart. It knows when I'm available and when I'm not. Please use it to confirm your interest.

So, what sessions do I offer? Check 'em out here.

Building rapport with Georgia (it's a light stand in my left hand)

Building rapport with Georgia (it's a light stand in my left hand)