Dave beside "Sisters at Play", Art of Photography Show 2011

Dave beside "Sisters at Play", Art of Photography Show 2011

My wonderful teachers have influenced me to be a very good student. I love learning new things and I can think of nothing better than future photographers thinking as well of me and what I taught them.
— Dave Veit

Oh? You want to get into professional pet photography? Awesome. Just want to learn to use your fancy new camera? Cool. I have been teaching private lessons to groups and individuals since 2011. I'm happy to structure your lessons however you like, be that a private lesson on aperture control of depth of field or a presentation of Pet Photography 101 to your entire group. We can even spend the day together one-on-one in a free-form consultation tailored to your needs.

As a dog photographer myself, I must say that David’s talent is natural and inspiring. He not only has “a way” with the animals, but his professionalism and personal nature make him a joy to do business with as a human.
— Roger G's Yelp Review

I have been a shooter since 1979, and a full-time professional photographer since 2009. In 2011 I was approached by Calumet Photographic and asked to write and deliver a pet photography class geared toward the advanced amateur photographer. I have been teaching around SoCal, presently offering classes through George's Camera and other local stores. I also have the great honor of teaching classes through the San Diego County Fair where I have also judged the state's largest pro/am photo competition since 2012.

Private lessons begin at $100/hr. Discounts are available for bulk time purchase or when multiple students are present. Contact me for details or "Book Now", below.