Good manners are SO important!

Good manners are SO important!

Since working with neighborhood dogs as a kid, my own dogs as a teen and as an Accredited Pet Trainer (Petsmart, class of 2008), dog training comes easy to me. I really enjoy helping people mold their new, juvenile, excessively boisterous and/or unruly dogs into nice, obedient, well-mannered pets that are warmly welcomed into anyone's home. 

I also offer Pet Photo Model Training! After just a few basic obedience classes (where we focus on just "sit", "down", "stay" and "come"), your pet will have an awesome photo session. Do you want specific poses too? Let's put them on queue!

Benefits of Training

* Pet Training teaches YOU a new way to communicate with your pet deepening your bond.
* Each session takes about 60 minutes and includes a pouch full of high value treats.
* All training techniques use positive reinforcement obtain voluntary compliance. No force!

Pet Training Classes are informal and a lot of fun. First we review previously learned behaviors. Then I offer theory and show you how to train each behavior. Finally, I watch you work with your pet and offer suggestions for improvement.

Tuition is $75 per session at my location and $125 at yours.

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