Good manners are SO important!

Good manners are SO important!

Since working with neighborhood dogs as a kid, my own dogs as a teen and as an Accredited Pet Trainer (Petsmart, class of 2008), dog training comes easy to me. I really enjoy helping people mold their new, juvenile, excessively boisterous and/or unruly dogs into nice, obedient, well-mannered pets warmly welcomed in anyone's home. As you know, creating new behaviors takes practice and repetition; therefore, practice at home for at least 10 minutes daily is strongly encouraged. 

I also offer something totally unique, Pet Photo Model Training! A few basic obedience classes where we focus on just "sit", "down", "stay" and "come" so your pet will perform like a pro (or "do well enough") in a photo session. This can dramatically increase the number of quality selections offered with pet portrait photo sessions. Especially true if you want some specific poses. Let's put them on queue!

Benefits of Training

* Training teaches YOU a new way to communicate with your pet which deepens your bond.
* Number of classes needed depends on your pet's existing obedience training, your aptitude for dog training and other factors. 
* Classes are up to 60 minutes. One week's daily practice is required between each class and/or photo session.
* Classes use positive reinforcement exclusively. Punishment is neither necessary nor permitted.
* Classes include one pouch full of high value treats.

Training classes start at $75 per hour at my location and $125 per hour at yours. For certain behaviors, in-home training is necessary. For example "fetch a beer" (from the fridge) must be taught near said fridge.

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