Hi. I'm Dave...

...the kinda guy who quits his job as a banker to pursue a career playing with dogs. My clients adore their pets and my particular style of portraiture.

As the premier pet photography boutique in Southern California, I document and preserve memories of your loved ones. Some call me an "Environmental Photographer" because the location often plays a part in the storytelling. Sometimes I use a studio. An ability to leverage an animal training background, an inborn sense of artistry, decades of photography experience, monumental patience and a strategic mindset all contribute to your amazing and playfully engaging portrait. 

I love playing with animals (even "hard cases" and "the badly behaved") and pets get that so their expressions are happy and engaged. I've had many pets of different species in my lifetime (cats, dogs, a parrot, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, snakes and even a turtle). My family also has a rich photography history.

People need impactful, wall-ready art featuring their loved ones, furry or otherwise. I make the art generation process enjoyable and your loved one(s) will enjoy the experience. For me, there's nothing better than witnessing my client's joy when they see the final product we created together.

I'm excited to meet you! Please use the "Book Now" button to schedule your free consultation now!

Who can resist a gentle, sweet Beauceron puppy? Not me!

Who can resist a gentle, sweet Beauceron puppy? Not me!